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Classical Pilates is a Masterpiece. 

In the same sense that I would consider Bach the greatest architect of sound the world has ever known, or Vermeer the definitive master of light in his paintings, Joseph Pilates achieved the most sophisticated, elegant and extraordinary system of physical and mental conditioning the world has ever known. The system he created is no less a work of pure genius. And no less a work of art. A work of art and a methodology that provides the benefits, pleasure and transformative power to improve both the body and the mind.It is no exaggeration to say that the serious and sustained engagement of classical Pilates in one’s life will generate more energy, better mental focus, improved reflexes, balance and coordination than any other methodology known. I put emphasis on “classical”, because there exist today abundant and various mutations and derivative styles of the traditional method –none of which can match the methodology that Joseph Pilates intended.  

Because of its unique and precision methodology, the method must properly be learned under the tutelage of the very best instructors. The premier institution for such learning is found at Body Central Pilates in Buckhead, whose owner, Robin Blum, and the exceptionally knowledgeable, skilled and intelligent instructors she has attracted there establish the benchmark for professionalism and expertise.That level of professionalism and the ever-friendly and warm environment is immediately apparent from the time one enters the door at the reception desk.

Without exception, each instructor shares the same zeal and enthusiasm for the Pilates methodology and exhibits the requisites of consistency, intelligence and disciplinein their instructive style.Each is also kind, patient and understanding. These qualities are so important, because each person comes to Pilates with unique and highly individuated needs.The folks at Body Central Pilates fully understand those challenges and are eager and happy to work with persons just as they are when they walk through the doors at this amazingly equipped studio.

They are faithful in every detail to the practices that JosephPilates intended, faithful even to the utilization of the authentic equipment used and manufactured by Gratz Industries, the original manufacturer of Pilates apparatus. Details like that matter because,just as there are derivatives of the classical method, so there are derivatives of the apparatus. Only the best will do at Body Central. 

​Many persons think that Pilates is just for dancers while, in fact, Pilates is for everyone: young or old, women and men, athletes and non-athletes, healthy individuals and those who have experienced injuries. There really is nothing else like classical Pilates, and nothing else can come close to providing the transformative and restorative powers that it offers. I wish that I had begun to learn Pilates at an earlier age, but it is never too late to begin the practice, and I plan to practice Pilates as long as I can move and breathe. I am deeply grateful to Robin and the entire staff at Body Central Pilates for their help and instruction. I would strongly encourage anyone who is interested in improving his or herlife and health to take the first step, and call the office to set up a session.

Grant Bentley

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